Sarah Palin resigns.

I loved what Pamela Geller had to say.  I agree.

She has been mercilessly attacked. Brutal, but like water off a duck’s back. Those on the right who have suffered the slings and arrows of the vile left smear machine (the depths of which are unthinkable to decent men, here) know that the more they throw, the greater you are. The more vile, disgusting, outrageous the smear, the more envious and afraid you know the destroyers are.

The Democrats and their propaganda machine, the dinosaur media, will continue to attempt to destroy and marginalize this wonder woman. New media better pick up the slack. Jugular for jugular.

The hatred of the good for being the good
. That is Palin. I am unmoved by assertions that Palin needs more foreign policy or more this and that. She has the key ingredient to great leadership – common sense. I am not concerned that she won’t get up to speed on the nitty gritty details of national and international issues. Her thinking, her epistemology is good.

She has common sense, a moral compass and a very definite understanding of good and evil.

Best of all, she is not a product of the limpwristed, spineless, dickless GOP. She is outside the box. She has grit. She has balls. She is my kind of kishka.


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