John Ziegler talks about the real reason why Sarah Palin resigned.

Here is John Ziegler’s take on Sarah Palin’s resignation.  He notes that it’s not the first time she has resigned her post out of principle:

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » The Truth About Sarah Palin’s Resignation by John Ziegler:

However, when I started my new Los Angeles radio show and Palin graciously agreed to be my first guest, I did make sure to ask her point blank whether she ever considered walking away from public office because of the attacks on her family and the dastardly attempts to destroy her ability to do her job. Her response at the time startled me with its honesty (she’s the only national politician with whom I have ever had that experience). Looking back, I strongly believe her answer is important to providing the full context as to how and why she made this decision, as well as how she views her future. You can hear the remarkable interchange here:

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