Get acquainted with Thor.

In my humble opinion, this piece is required reading for those interested in the archetype of  Thor.  Enjoy!  ..

2.14 THOR

  • The God of Intention Carried Out.
  • The God of Totality.
  • The Thunder God.
  • The Defender of the Gods.
  • The Defender of the People.
  • The God of Practical Guidance.
  • The God of the Meritocracy.
  • The Man in the Grey Suit. .
  • The Presence in Time of Distress. (On the ship’s bridge, . or aircraft cockpit.)
  • The God with Balls.
  • The Father of Odin.
  • The Sole Slayer of the World Serpent.
  • The God who does not know how to do things in half measures.

Symbols –

  • The Hammer, iron belt and iron gauntlet gloves.
  • His anger.
  • His beard (Lightning)
  • A chariot pulled by two giant goats.
  • The oath ring (an arm ring).
  • A six legged Horse.

Meditational Exercises –

  • Intention.
  • Carry out everything one intends to do.
  • Find one’s goal in life.
  • To put the maximum intention, into everything one does. This includes activities at work, with the family, and at play.
  • Complete knowingness of everything one does.

©If in doubt, don’t muck about. Get a bigger hammer out©. This is NOT the official motto of the Corp of the Royal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

Thor is intention carried out, without counter intention. The main symbol of this is the short handled throwing hammer, which never misses its target, and always returns to Thor. The iron belt gives him the strength to throw it. The iron gauntlets give him the power in the wrist, to catch it when it returns. This . means that he can throw his intention at a target, without any reservations or counter intention. He can take any consequences, when it returns. Intention without counter intention is the mightiest weapon in the universe. The Hammer is a sign of protection and blessing.

The Hammer has a short handle, with a ring in the end, thus making it a throwing hammer. Such a weapon is not much use in war, as the enemy will throw it back again. The legend goes back to a mighty hunter, who could always deal with wild bulls. A wild bull charging through a village, the local crops, or the local shipyard, is about as welcome as a bull in a china shop. The hunter goaded the bull, to chase him to a suitable spot, like a good climbing tree. He had a rope tied to the handle of the hammer, so that if he missed the bull’s forehead, he could pull the hammer back from the safety of the tree, and try again. In this way, he always killed the bull. The legend grew, with the Hammer being linked to thunder, and the bulls became the enemies of the Gods.

Another side of his source is given in the legend of the whetstone. There was a fire making tool, known as Thor’s Head. This was a flint embedded in a block of wood. If such a tool has dried moss stacked around the flint, and the flint is hit by another flint, or a piece of iron, then fire can be produced.

His normal emotion is that of spiritual anger, and as such has strong links with the Lords of the Psyche and the Fire element. He certainly changes the reality of his enemies. He has red hair, a red beard and red eyes, to back up his anger. When at rest, he may appear clean shaven and with green eyes. As the Lord of Intention, he has strong links with energy, even up to the energy that precedes creation. Thus if one wishes to go spiritually upwards, his direction is the best available. He has been criticised by occultists, for being completely uncomplicated, and unsophisticated. By the standards of the ego, he is. By the standards of the psyche, he is free of trash of sophistication and the complications of the ego, which hold the psyche and the spirit down.

To his followers, he is the guide for seafarers, and for all those making journeys. He has power over winds and storms, as befits a thunder God. He is the God of all people who like their independence, like making their own decisions, and resent too much authority from above. He is very much a law and order God, and is the protector of family life. He is the archetypal faithful husband and good father. Unlike Odin and Freyr, there are no records of human sacrifice, to either Thor or Freya. A person gives himself instead to their service.

His great enemy is the world serpent, the chains that hold man down, and the two destroy each other in the Ragnarok. His place is taken in the new order, by his sons Magni, who will be the mightiest of the Gods, and Modi.

Looking at Thor from a higher point of view, he is a lord of control, working for the good of the Gods and man. This is a bit too close to Fire for comfort, and hence the anger. As a being of superior psychic ability, he is able to confront the lords of low magic, the Frost Giants, and get the better of the encounter. We suspect that he has sent many priests and occultists, running back to their sanctuaries. He is not quite invincible. In a fight with one giant, he kills the giant, but is trapped under one of the giant’s fallen stone legs. He cannot free himself, and none of the other Gods can help. He is saved by his young son, Magni who has no trouble in lifting up the stone leg, and freeing his father. Magni is on a higher level, a Lord of the Psyche, and thus has no trouble, handling the magic of the giant, even if is too much for Thor. How would Magni deal with such a situation in the first place? The question cannot be answered, when father is around. In the Ragnarok, Thor kills the World Serpent, but is drowned in its venom. Always do your meditations top down, or the same may happen to you. There is plenty of psychic sewage around, and climbing out is not at all pleasant.

Thor is the son of Odin, and his mother is the Earth. The story of Thor also being the father of Odin, comes from Iceland and the Orkneys, where they put the question, which comes first, intention or beingness, the chicken or the egg. The men of Orkney also gave Thor a six legged horse, which we found to be far more powerful than any show jumper, with the two extra legs at the rear. The title of the man in the grey suit, comes from American folklore.

Magni and Modi are very much their father’s sons. They are clean shaven, green eyed, and spiritually up market. It can be very difficult to tell, whether one is dealing with Thor, or one of his sons. The sons are not mentioned in the Ragnarok, but we can be sure that they fight with valour, and survive unharmed. Little is recorded about his wife Sif, a one time corn Goddess and friend of Idun, except that she is a Goddess of frivolous femininity.

Thor is a God of the people, not of the jarls or aristocracy, but society is made up of the people. Any oath made in the name of Thor, must be carried out. For this reason, the Hammer is used at wedding ceremonies, as a sign of total commitment by those getting married. The Hammer is also used to accept new born babies, into the community.

Thor’s links with the dead and funeral rites are a little obscure. This is due to the fact, that anyone who lives in the spirit of Thor, lives very much in real time, and as such, is little worried by death. Dying for what one considers important, is considered the most noble of ends. When death does come, a man is expected to joke, or make a merry jest about it. A drowning man prays to Thor to save him, as if he went under he would become the property of the Vanir, and something to be recycled. He is associated with burial in the earth, protected by the symbol of the Hammer, and entry into the local hills after death. To a follower of the Protector of Man, what could be better that enter into the local hills, to return when the need arises.

Except at the Ragnarok, he is prevented by vested interests from dealing with the enemies within the Gods, by the Gods themselves. Thus Loki and his children escape the full wrath of Thor. A small exception to this pattern, is when he goes fishing for the World Serpent, for it is a terrified frost giant who cuts the fishing line. There is some doubt whether the World Serpent gets away, when Thor goes fishing for him, hence the title, the sole slayer of the serpent. The question is, did Snorri leave the story unfinished? In this is so, Thor does not fight the serpent at the Ragnarok, as he has already conquered him. Thus he does not die at the Ragnarok. Thor has slain the World Serpent; let him help you to slay yours. We have had considerable trouble, trying to distinguish Thor from his sons. We have given that up for meditational purposes, as a bad job, for they are there at every level in the universe. This may be a sign that Thor and his sons, are actually one entity. When they appear separately, both sons are clean shaven with green eyes. Magni invariably wears a business suite as befits a captain of industry. Modi usually dresses casually as a student; he also has a partiality to Jamaican bananas, and knows exactly where to throw the banana skins.

Wise women foretold that Thor would return, and fight his usurpers to the death, in single combat. This is not quite true, as an uncle does not usually fight a nephew. Think more in terms of trade wars and take over bids instead. Thor inspired Protestantism, and as such, is its illustrious patron. Thor is a lord of ability. Protestantism is still a religion of emotion. Thor finds this patronage a little uncomfortable, but he can be contacted in older churches. He is also the instigator of social and political change. He helps to throw out yesterdays’ systems. We also hear that Jehovah would be a little more comfortable, in his patronage of Rome, if the Pope would only stop usurping him.

As the God of Totality, he is the God who does not know how to do things in half measures. If invoked for proper reasons, he is the God of Total Personal Responsibility and Understanding. He is Total everything else. Such is his intention, that he makes Responsibility and Understanding into offensive weapons. They can dispose of any garbage, which is around. Such is the true nature of the Hammer. Responsibility and Understanding as weapons of war, are invaluable for anyone clearing the garbage out of their own mind. Totality is the all important aspect. As Thor is a Lord of Survival, do not play games with him, where there are more losers than winners, for his wrath and indignation is terrible. He is certainly not a God of Black Magic.

There is a cycle in his encounters with Frost Giants.

  1. He meets a Frost Giant.
  2. He is taken in by the illusions of the giant.
  3. He recognises the giant for what it is.
  4. He dispatches the Frost Giant.

This cycle is repeated over and over again in meditation.

There is a legend that Thor is the illegitimate son of Surt. Surt, . it is said, had a brief liaison with a naive young corn goddess. . Due to the incompatibility of Fire and Air, this was doomed to failure. The lady cannot be named, as this would be scandal.

. This is a case of the lady believing that she could play with fire, saying “No” a bit too late, and being left holding the baby. The baby was a member of the Aesir and could not be destroyed, but as a son of Surt, he was too dangerous to live. The problem was solved by Odin bringing up the baby as if it were his own son, and in ignorance of his true parentage. One day, Thor will wake up to realise who is his true father, and assume the mantle of a Fire God. This will be the ultimate disaster for the Gods, for true reason, and for scientific logic. In other words Thor becomes a Zen God. This ancestry would account for his red hair and various other fiery attributes.

Intention is a great aid to communication. Curses and demons sometimes have to be banished. Understanding, responsibility and forgiveness are the best tools. Sometimes these tools fail, as there is something there in real time. The following two commands can be recommended, as tools of last resort, as long as one means what one says.

  • “Get thou beyond me, Satan”.
  • “Return all curses to sender”.

There is a weakness of these two commands. It is that it is all too easy to use these against things not in present time. In which case a person could easily be the Satan involved, and thus be sending the curse back to himself. Also the sender of the so called curse, might not necessarily be an enemy, and what is taken as a curse, is actually an instruction given in good faith. During meditation, what appear to be enemies, usually come from the universe one up. Exhaust other methods first, and only use either of these two commands when all else fails. Enemies are generally a symptom of the use of love. A good remedy is . to stop using love or any other emotion as a meditational tool.

Thor and Freya may be contacted in a number of older Protestant churches, depending on one’s sex and objectives. Find a church that is on the older side. It is age of the site that is important, not the age of the building. Arrive about half an hour before the service starts. If one goes in when there is no church service, then it is possible to miss the obligatory Marxist sermon, which makes one wonder where they get vicars from these days. The last time the writer heard responsibility preached in a church, was twenty years ago. Vikings are not peasants, and pay homage standing up, facing upwards. Compromise and sit down. Sit back, listen with the mind, and see what comes. If anything is going to come, it should be within ten to twenty minutes. If nothing comes, it may be due to going to church too often, as there is a limit to what can appear.

If one wants to know what to expect, the book “The Little World of Dom Camillo” is a very good guide. This is a humorous book about a rural Italian priest, his fight with the local Communist party, and his conversations with God. He gets told by God exactly what he, the priest is doing. He gets next to no sympathy. However it is God who keeps the priest going. Coming back to real time, do remember to put the price of a cinema seat, in the begging bowl. Also visualise energy flowing into the church to recharge its batteries. This also goes for any meditation in any religious site. It is also quite in order to give Stonehenge or any other ancient site a military salute, when driving passed. Recharging a religious site with energy, is quite as important as putting something in the begging bowl.



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