William Black On Why "Recurrent Crises Will Get Bigger And More Disastrous" And Why All Talk Of Change By The Administration Is Just Posturing | zero hedge

Here is a snippet from the introductory article over at Zero Hedge:

The ever insightful William Black sits down with PBS’ Paul Solman to note that most of the too big to fail banks are currently insolvent, that mortgage fraud is pervasive and lender complicit, and that unlike in previous systemic crashes, not only person has been indicted for the trillions in mortgage fraud perpetrated. “At this stage we have zero convictions, we have zero indictments.” But the most damning indictment from Black: that Congress managed to extort FASB to change their rules just so that the big banks would continue to appear healthy and solvent, even as unworthy execs made tens of billions in bonuses.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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