Karl Denninger – one of the few WHO GETS IT: “The Thorium Fuel Cycle (liquid salt reactors) is the obvious way forward.”

Karl Denninger has an excellent post entitled “How To Truly Take Back America” at  his site The Market Ticker that everyone should read.  He offers a number of solutions that are dead on (as far as I can tell, my perspective being that of a conservative from Alberta, Canada) but there is one that really stood out for me.  This is the suggestion that the United States make 100% energy independence a policy (I guess that’s O.K. – Nancy Pelosi recently told our premier, Ed Stelmach, that she doesn’t consider us to be a “foreign” supplier of oil!) and seriously ramping up the application of nuclear power.  In particular, he states that “The Thorium Fuel Cycle (liquid salt reactors) is the obvious way forward.” It is fantastic to see more people seeing the blatantly obvious.  As Mr. Denninger puts it:

We discard more fuel for these devices (it’s a natural part of coal) by a factor of ten (in terms of thermal energy available) than we burn in coal every year!  That’s idiotic.

As far as I’m concerned, Karl Denninger is someone who gets it – someone who has a background in network engineering and business and has the kind of flexible, powerful and principled mind necessary for survival in this period of high uncertainty and high larceny.  A stark contrast to the mental straight-jackets being worn by the commentariat employed by the MSM.  I strongly recommend following his commentary if you want to stay truly informed.

(Thorium?  What’s this guy talking about? …     )

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about (and you’re not alone), watch this presentation on LFTRs (liquid fluoride thorium reactor) by someone who is rapidly becoming another one of my heroes – Kirk Sorensen:


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  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words–learning about thorium sure has made me optimistic for the future!

    September 18, 2010 at 3:08 am

    • Greg Hindbo

      Thanks Kirk. I’m honoured that you’d stop by for a look at The Gryphon’s Edge. It’s been a fantastic ride learning about the potential of Thorium. It was the December 21, 2009 article in Wired Magazine, “Uranium Is So Last Century — Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke” ( where I first read about your work and I’ve been following news from the field ever since. I plan to add links to resources on Thorium and the LFTR on this blog for those interested in learning more.
      Being an Albertan, I am particularly interested in spreading the word about Thorium’s amazing potential to our local politicians and media. This may be of interest to you as well. I recommend speaking with three very influential radio personalities here. They are: Dave Rutherford (, Charles Adler ( and Roy Green (
      Another fellow that would be very worthwhile speaking to is the excellent Ezra Levant. Ezra has recently penned a book entitled ‘Ethical Oil:
      The Case for Canada’s Oil Sands’ ( You can view Ezra’s blog at
      Kirk, one thing that I would like you to consider is that the government of Alberta has pledged $2 Billion for what they call the “Carbon Capture and Storage Funding Act” ( If you follow the link you will find that these monies are being distributed mainly to large, established oil & gas interests. The question that I ask is this: would the Alberta taxpayer be willing to spend $2 Billion on carbon capture and storage if they knew the potential of the LFTR? I don’t think they would. The challenge is education and getting the word out there.
      Exit question, Kirk. What could you do with $2 Billion dollars?
      p.s. I am extremely pleased that our Prime Minister Stephen Harper has signed a nuclear co-operation agreement with India ( This may help to enhance the profile of Thorium nuclear applications here in Canada.
      Thanks Kirk and best of luck.

      September 19, 2010 at 5:27 pm

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