Mahmoud Salem aka. “@Sandmonkey” on CNN: “It Was Like A Zombie Movie”

My discovery of “Sandmonkey” has dramatically refined and focused my position on the Egyptian Uprising and I urge everyone to take the time to learn more about him and read his posts, especially conservatives who see Mubarek as an ally first and thug autocrat second.  After reading his blog and now being able to listen to him I am now, more than ever, in the camp that sees Mubarek as a thug-socialist/autocrat that needs to be deposed.  Tonight, we had the treat of being able to learn his true identity, Mahmoud Salem, during an interview with Elliott Spitzer on CNN:


Update:  Here is an account of Mahmoud Salem’s encounter with Mubarek’s thugs by someone who was riding in the car with him:

Having a policeman say he wanted to kill me wasn’t my most frightening moment yesterday in Cairo. That came when police and civilians smashed our car windows — with the five of us inside it — jumped up and down on the roof, spat on us, pulled my hair, beat my friends and dragged us into a police van.

The five of us were lucky: We emerged from our confrontation with President Hosni Mubarak’s police and operatives alive and relatively healthy. Violence over the past 11 days, much of it in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, has killed as many as 300 people in Egypt, according to the United Nations.

But it was a day I never dreamed could occur in my native city. It happened not because I was a reporter, a Sudan-based contract journalist for Bloomberg News returning to Cairo for vacation. The friends giving me a ride downtown were just trying to take food and first-aid supplies to those injured the previous night in clashes with pro-Mubarak protesters.




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  1. fandango52

    Sandmonkey’s story is absolutely amazing. Was able to donate a little money to his efforts today (his blog has a “donate” button). I’m hoping I gave enough to offset the portion of my tax dollars that went to Mubarak.

    February 5, 2011 at 11:40 pm

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