Bradford Hansen-Smith: What is a Circle? How would you define a Circle?

This is an introduction to the fascinating work of Bradford Hansen-Smith – an author, consultant, geometer and sculptor – who notes the following on his blog,  Wholemovement ?:

I am intrigued that we have used the circle as a static symbol for both everything and nothing. Today we agree on mostly nothing, zero, yet desiring everything. We really don’t understand either. Together they suggest total integration in evolutionary understanding and in revelation through movement. A circle is a complete, inclusive, and self-referenced concentricity indicating there is no inner or outer boundary, only the perception of an infinite change in scale. The origin for the circle is the sphere, the only dimensional form that can be called Whole, demonstrating unity, and that looks the same whether moving or not. Going to origin reveals more about the nature of something and purpose, than only looking at the function or the thing itself. Only in origin will we find the necessity and understanding for change.

Compressing the sphere changes its form in a single direction of symmetry perpendicular to the expanding circle plane; similar to how galaxies are formed. Three circles are revealed in transforming spherical unity to a triunity. There is no separation only differentiation of surface and redistribution of volume. Nothing is added or taken away, the circle/sphere is Whole. Between the two circle planes is a circle ring, the dynamic agent of differentiation. Triunity of the circle is structural pattern revealed through precessional movement and is principle for all subsequent realization of potential formation; thus is the prologue for another creation story:

Wholeness through movement causes division becoming duality intriangulation with each part consistent to the movement and totallyinner-dependent to the Whole. The individual nature of part to Whole regulates the interactions between all formed and unformed parts on all scale, in all time, with purpose.

Excellent work.  Here is a video introduction to his DVD,



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