Who is Dr. Walter Veith…

… and how exactly did he arrive at this brilliant flow-chart?

Update:  For those who are wondering, this is SARCASM.

Screen cap. of video "Walter Veith (12) Hidden Agendas / Total Onslaught 1/7" on YouTube.


Upheaval in Egypt: Apparent causes .. and real causes.

Watching live coverage of the confrontation between the anti-Mubarek and pro-Mubarek forces yesterday, I noticed that the focal point of the clash was outside the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.  The museum has sustained some considerable looting and vandalism including, according to reports, the beheading of two mummies.  One wonders if the mustering of a ‘pro-Mubarek’ group to counter the protestors is an indication of something deeper and more profound.  Could it also be composed of people (some but certainly not all), who are fighting back to save their very history, their support for Mubarek merely incidental?  We have the misfortune of observing a pro-democracy movement being led by the Muslim Brotherhood and the vast repository of history and Egyptian heritage being defended by a heavy-handed dictator.  I hold out the hope that this uprising will bring more freedom to the Egyptian people –  freedom from the tyranny of a police state and freedom from islamo-fascism.

The great upheavals which precede changes of civilizations such as the fall of the Roman Empire and the foundation of the Arabian Empire, seem at first sight determined more especially by political transformations, foreign invasion, or the overthrow of dynasties. But a more attentive study of these events shows that behind their apparent causes the real cause is generally seen to be a profound modification in the ideas of the peoples. The true historical upheavals are not those which astonish us by their grandeur and violence. The only important changes whence the renewal of civilizations results, affect ideas, conceptions, and beliefs. The memorable events of history are the visible effects of the invisible changes of human thought. The reason these great events are so rare is that there is nothing so stable in a race as the inherited groundwork of its thoughts.

–Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd

Phillip K. Dick and The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation

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The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation

From Exegesis, by Philip K. Dick

The Gnostic Christians of the second century believed that only a special revelation of knowledge rather than faith could save a person. The contents of this revelation could not be received empirically or derived a priori. They considered this special gnosis so valuable that it must be kept secret. Here are the ten major principles of the gnostic revelation:

  1. The creator of this world is demented.
  2. The world is not as it appears, in order to hide the evil in it, a delusive veil obscuring it and the deranged deity.
  3. There is another, better realm of God, and all our efforts are to be directed toward
    1. returning there
    2. bringing it here
  4. Our actual lives stretch thousands of years back, and we can be made to remember our origin in the stars.
  5. Each of us has a divine counterpart unfallen who can reach a hand down to us to awaken us. This other personality is the authentic waking self; the one we have now is asleep and minor. We are in fact asleep, and in the hands of a dangerous magician disguised as a good god, the deranged creator deity. The bleakness, the evil and pain in this world, the fact that it is a deterministic prison controlled by the demented creator causes us willingly to split with the reality principle early in life, and so to speak willingly fall asleep in delusion.
  6. You can pass from the delusional prison world into the peaceful kingdom if the True Good God places you under His grace and allows you to see reality through His eyes.
  7. Christ gave, rather than received, revelation; he taught his followers how to enter the kingdom while still alive, where other mystery religions only bring about amnesis: knowledge of it at the “other time” in “the other realm,” not here. He causes it to come here, and is the living agency to the Sole Good God (i.e. the Logos).
  8. Probably the real, secret Christian church still exists, long underground, with the living Corpus Christi as its head or ruler, the members absorbed into it. Through participation in it they probably have vast, seemingly magical powers.
  9. The division into “two times” (good and evil) and “two realms” (good and evil) will abruptly end with victory for the good time here, as the presently invisible kingdom separates and becomes visible. We cannot know the date.
  10. During this time period we are on the sifting bridge being judged according to which power we give allegiance to, the deranged creator demiurge of this world or the One Good God and his kingdom, whom we know through Christ.

To know these ten principles of Gnostic Christianity is to court disaster.
(now he tells us?)

Giordano Bruno .. Crime: Telling the Truth. Punishment: Death

The fools of the world have been those who have established religions, ceremonies, laws, faith, rule of life. The greatest asses of the world are those who, lacking all understanding and instruction, and void of all civil life and custom, rot in perpetual pedantry; those who by the grace of heaven would reform obscure and corrupted faith, salve the cruelties of perverted religion and remove abuse of superstitions, mending the rents in their vesture. It is not they who indulge impious curiosity or who are ever seeking the secrets of nature, and reckoning the courses of the stars. Observe whether they have been busy with the secret causes of things, or if they have condoned the destruction of kingdoms, the dispersion of peoples, fires, blood, ruin or extermination; whether they seek the destruction of the whole world that it may belong to them: in order that the poor soul may be saved, that an edifice may be raised in heaven, that treasure may be laid up in that blessed land, caring naught for fame, profit or glory in this frail and uncertain life, but only for that other most certain and eternal life.

(Cabala del Cavallo Pegaseo con l’aggiunta dell’ Asino Cillenico, Descritta dal Nolano [Cabal of the Cheval Pegasus with Appendix on the Cillenican Ass, Described by the Nolan] (1585))

We hereby, in these documents, publish, announce, pronounce, sentence, and declare thee the aforesaid Brother Giordano Bruno to be an impenitent and pertinacious heretic, and therefore to have incurred all the ecclesiastical censures and pains of the Holy Canon, the laws and the constitutions, both general and particular, imposed on such confessed impenitent pertinacious and obstinate heretics… We ordain and command that thou must be delivered to the Secular Court… that thou mayest be punished with the punishment deserved… Furthermore, we condemn, we reprobate, and we prohibit all thine aforesaid and thy other books and writings as heretical and erroneous, containing many heresies and errors, and we ordain that all of them which have come or may in future come into the hands of the Holy Office shall be publicly destroyed and burned in the square of St. Peter before the steps and that they shall be placed upon the Index of Forbidden Books, and as we have commanded, so shall it be done..

Anti-Masonry and the Thule Gesellschaft

Why the cosy relationship between leftists, Nazis and anti-semites and their war on Masonry? Here’s some background:

“It all started with the Thule Gesellschaft… founded by a Freemason and Eastern mystic named Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff. They met every Saturday in Munich’s Four Season’s Hotel to discuss things like runes (an old German alphabet), racial evolution, Nordic mythology and German nationalism. Registered under the name “Thule Gesellschaft” as a “literary-cultural society”, in order to fool the communist Red Army now controlling Munich, this group had originally been known as the Germanenorden, or the German Order of the Holy Grail (we shall see later exactly what the Holy Grail is). The Germanenorden had an impressive series of initiatory rituals, replete with knights in shining armor, wise kings, mystical bards and forest nymphs, including a Masonic-style program of secrecy, initiation and mutual cooperation. But they were not copying the ideological aspects of Freemasonry. What the Germanenorden became was, essentially, an anti-Masonry: a Masonic-style society dedicated to the eradication of Freemasonry itself. Their symbol was a long dagger on top of a swastika, and their beliefs had been influenced largely by the writings of Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels.”

The response of the Danish Lutherans to Hitler's 'Final Solution'

These past weeks I have been delving into the writings of Martin Luther – specifically his attitude toward Jews – and to what degree German Lutherans supported Adolph Hitler and the Nazis.  There is much to be said about this and, I regret to report, most of it is shameful to criminal.

There was, thankfully, a shining, brilliant and courageous exception:  The Danish Lutherans:

The failure of the “action” enraged Hitler and Himmler alike; Eichmann was dispatched to rectify the situation. The Germans started and extensive hunt for the hiding Jews. The whole Danish population was risking their lives to shelter and save their compatriots. On October 3, the Danish Lutheran bishops sent a letter to the German Officials, and the letter read in all churches stated:

We will never forget that the Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary, according to God’s promise to the Chosen People of Israel. Persecution of the Jews conflicts with the humanitarian conception of the love of neighbors and the message which Christ’s church set out to preach. Christ taught us that every man has a value in the eyes of God …Persecution conflicts with the judicial conscience existing in the Danish people, inherited through centuries of Danish culture. …We respect the right to religious freedom and to the performance of the divine worship according to the dictates of conscience.

Notwithstanding our separate religious beliefs we will fight to preserve for our brothers and sisters the same freedom we ourselves value more than life. The leaders of the Danish Church clearly comprehend the duties o law-abiding citizens, bound to maintain the right and to protest every violation of justice. It is evident that in this case we are obeying God rather than man.”

The response of the Danish population, and all the Danish institutions was unbelievable. The underground newspaper Free Denmark, wrote:

The persecution of the Jews has hit the Danes in the sorest point of their conception of justice;…. The episodes of the last two nights have to us become a part of Denmark’s fate, and if we desert the Jews in this hour of their misery, we desert our native country.

Pastor Ivar Lange, made a comment after reading the Bishop’s declaration: “Politics must not be discussed here, because it is punishable. In spite of this, I tell you that I would rather die with the Jews than live with the Nazis.” As a result of the timely warning and the help of the Danish people 8000 Jews temporarily escaped the Nazis and ding everywhere; in hospitals under assumed Christian names, in garages, in attics of friends of strangers, in Churches, and in the woods, but they were not out of danger. The Germans started a massive manhunt, they were patrolling the shore areas and all boats were ordered out of the water, with the exception of fishermen’s boats. The problem was how to get the Jews out of the country, to a safe haven in Sweden.

Photowalk - Kronborg Castle by Silas Dich.