The June 7, 2011 MASSIVE CME.

This is astounding:

From the article ..

Sun Unleashes ‘Spectacular’ & Powerful Eruption

by Tariq Malik, Managing Editor
Date: 07 June 2011 Time: 02:21 PM ET

The solar storm hit its peak at about 2:41 a.m. EDT (0641 GMT), but the actual flare extended over a three-hour period, said C. Alex Young, a solar astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center who runs a website called The Sun Today, in a video describing the event.

“The sun produced a quite spectacular prominence eruption that had a solar flare and high-energy particles associated with it, but I’ve just never seen material released like this before,” Young said. “It looks like somebody just kicked a giant clod of dirt into the air and then it fell back down.”

For some fascinating discussion on this beautiful and awe-inspiring event go here.


Kirk Sorensen’s Presentation on the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (Protospace, Calgary, March 31/2011)

I had the good fortune of attending this talk on March 31 at Protospace in Calgary. Kirk Sorensen did an excellent job at providing us with the historical background of the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor and the promise that this technology holds for us and for our children. I am even more optimistic for the future after witnessing this and was a welcome respite from the negativity broadcasted at us daily. Good show, Kirk! Keep up the good work :)

Prof. Dr. Vincent Courtillot’s Presentation at the International Energy and Climate Change Conference (IEKK)


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Kepler tells us that there are far more extra-solar planets than we thought.


Here’s your REAL Sputnik moment, President Obama: 钍基熔盐堆


That translates to:

Yesterday, as the Chinese Academy of Sciences started the first one of the strategic leader in science and technology projects, “the future of advanced nuclear fission energy – nuclear energy, thorium-based molten salt reactor system” project was officially launched. The scientific goal is to use 20 years or so, developed a new generation of nuclear energy systems, all the technical level reached in the trial and have all intellectual property rights.


You can read all about it over at Kirk Sorensen’s EnergyFromThorium site:

China Initiates Thorium MSR Project

The People’s Republic of China has initiated a research and development project in thorium molten-salt reactor technology, it was announced in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) annual conferenceon Tuesday, January 25. An article in the Wenhui News followed on Wednesday (Google English translation). Chinese researchers also announced this development on the Energy from Thorium Discussion Forum.

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Ralph Juergens: Hero.

The modern astrophysical concept that ascribes the sun's energy to thermonuclear reactions deep in the solar interior is contradicted by nearly every observable aspect of the sun. - Ralph E. Juergens (1980)


I have been following the work of Wal Thornhill by reading the excellent posts at his website, The Electric Universe.   While you are there, you can follow the links to Thunderbolts .. where you can find this excellent article.  Of particular interest to me were his references to Ralph Juergens and the following quote:

The idea of turbulent convection delivering endless loads of energy upward from the unseen depths of the Sun conflicts not only with the ordered structure of the photosphere but also with the observable integrity of individual granules. The nodules of plasma appear, endure for some minutes, then fade away… Minnaert once published an analysis of photospheric behavior in terms of the Reynolds number. He found the critical value to lie near 103. The actual Reynolds number of the photosphere, as calculated from observable characteristics of the plasma, turned out to be in excess of 1011, which is to say, at least 100 million times greater than the critical value. Clearly, then, any convective motion in the photosphere should be violently turbulent and highly disordered, as Minnaert indeed pointed out. Practically in his next breath, however, Minnaert asserted that ‘The variable forms of the granules and their short lifetimes are evidence of nonstationary convection.’ Such an abrupt about-face is startling. Apparently Minnaert, himself, was disquieted; he immediately set out to minimize his non sequitur by suggesting ways and means for disregarding the classical theory of turbulence to make things come out right for the photosphere.
– Ralph E. Juergens.

Karl Denninger – one of the few WHO GETS IT: “The Thorium Fuel Cycle (liquid salt reactors) is the obvious way forward.”

Karl Denninger has an excellent post entitled “How To Truly Take Back America” at  his site The Market Ticker that everyone should read.  He offers a number of solutions that are dead on (as far as I can tell, my perspective being that of a conservative from Alberta, Canada) but there is one that really stood out for me.  This is the suggestion that the United States make 100% energy independence a policy (I guess that’s O.K. – Nancy Pelosi recently told our premier, Ed Stelmach, that she doesn’t consider us to be a “foreign” supplier of oil!) and seriously ramping up the application of nuclear power.  In particular, he states that “The Thorium Fuel Cycle (liquid salt reactors) is the obvious way forward.” It is fantastic to see more people seeing the blatantly obvious.  As Mr. Denninger puts it:

We discard more fuel for these devices (it’s a natural part of coal) by a factor of ten (in terms of thermal energy available) than we burn in coal every year!  That’s idiotic.

As far as I’m concerned, Karl Denninger is someone who gets it – someone who has a background in network engineering and business and has the kind of flexible, powerful and principled mind necessary for survival in this period of high uncertainty and high larceny.  A stark contrast to the mental straight-jackets being worn by the commentariat employed by the MSM.  I strongly recommend following his commentary if you want to stay truly informed.

(Thorium?  What’s this guy talking about? …     )

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about (and you’re not alone), watch this presentation on LFTRs (liquid fluoride thorium reactor) by someone who is rapidly becoming another one of my heroes – Kirk Sorensen: